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Business Quiz - 1

1. Complete the following song by Flanders & Swann:
A year ago last Thursday, I was strolling in the zoo
When I met a man who thought he knew the lot
He was laying down the law about the habits of baboons
And the number of quills a porcupine has got
So I asked him "What's that creature's name?" and he answered "That's a helk!"
And I'd have gone on thinking that was true
If the animal in question hadn’t put that chap to shame,
And remarked - "I ain't a helk - I'm a ______!"

Answer: GNU (Richard Stallman listened to this song and thought the word had a certain comical effect to it and he also found a convenient recursive acronym i.e., Gnu’s Not Unix)

2. Who is being caricatured?

Answer: Sir Cecil Rhodes

3. In 1871, in the wake of the Civil War, William Russell _______ moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hired to manage the local branch of the Olds Baking Company of New Haven, he soon bought it over and renamed it. Historians believe that truck drivers for the company introduced it on the loading docks during idle time. The mania later spread to Eastern USA colleges. What?

Answer: Frisbee

4. What is the significance of the following list:
Leonard Bleecker, Hugh Smith, Armstrong & Barnewall, Samuel March, Bernard Hart, Alexander Zuntz, Andrew D. Barclay, Sutton & Hardy, Benjamin Seixas, John Henry, John A. Hardenbrook, Samuel Beebe, Benjamin Winthrop, John Ferrers, Ephraim Hart, Isaac M. Gomez, Gulian McEvers, Augustine H. Lawrence, G. N. Bleecker, John Bush, Peter Anspach, Charles McEvers, Jr., David Reedy, Robinson & Hartshorne.

Answer: These are the 24 brokers who signed the Buttonwood Agreement thus giving rise to NYSE.

5. Identify him.

Answer: Sam Walton

6. In what way was a person named Shehnaz Sani the first in Indian Corporate history?

Answer: The first succesful appeal for sexual harassment at the workplace. (Saudi Arabian Airlines)

7. While accompanying her husband on a voyage, Anna had suffered a serious illness, which left a lasting impression on the deeply religious captain. In a letter to his wife in October 1886, he explained the background for the company’s emblem: "It is a reminder of the evening I prayed for you so dejectedly and anxiously, asking for the sign that I might see in the gray, overcast sky, a reminder that the Lord hears our prayers." Which company?

Answer: Maersk (6-pointed star logo)

8. Born on October 12, 1918, he was the third son of Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar, the founder of Annamalai University. His family was one of the wealthiest in India and held extensive rubber plantations and coconut estates in Burma and Ceylon. He went against the family policy of non-involvement in industrial investing, by setting up Automobile Products of India (API) and SPIC. Identify him.

Answer: M A Chidambaram

9. He started in April 1974 by acquiring an interest in Poona Coffee House. In July 1974, he acquired a dealership of Hindustan Petroleum. In 1985, under the banner of Sai Service Station Ltd. he took the dealership of Maruti Udyog Ltd. Next he added the dealership of Bajaj Auto Ltd. in 1986. He also brought to India via the Sai Service Group the Rent-a-Car scheme for the first time. Who?

Answer: Suresh Kalmadi

10. Following is an excerpt from the preface of 'Every Man His Own Broker' written by Thomas Mortimer and published in 1775. Complete the lines.
"An act for the better preventing the infamous practice of Stock-jobbing; by which the most palpable and glaring frauds then in vogue, were indeed suppressed: the Bubbles burst, and the Racehorses of Exchange Alley, expired with the date of that act; but _____________ still exist in full vigour."

Answer: The first ever usage of the term "Bulls and Bears".

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