Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sharpshooters - 2008

Conducted a Business Quiz at SIES (Nerul) on the 6th of Jan, 2008.
Here are the final standings:
1. Amit Pandeya (Questa Software) & Rohan Khanna (Accenture)
2. Tie between
AP Alagarsamy (ICICI Bank) & Ameya Sawant (IMRB)
M Suresh Kumar (TCS) & Sandeep (TCS)

Other finalists:
Govind Grewal (NMIMS) & Bran D'Souza (NMIMS)
Vishwajeet Narvekar (SUN Microsystems) & Arvind Ramaiah (GE Money)
Prasann Potdar (ICICI Bank) & Mukund Krishnan (Indian Hotels)
Ajay Ravindran (Law & Kenneth) & Francis Rodrigues (Asian Paints)
Vijay Pillai (SP Jain) & Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

A few dry questions from the elims:

1. It has been twice recognized by Guinness World Records for massive blood donation camps. It runs a 175 bed hospital in Rajasthan, along with a hostel for girls, a boys school and a degree college in Haryana. It also claims to be involved in several entrepreneurial activities viz., petrol pump, biscuit factory, ice factory, restaurant and a supermarket. Identify this organization, founded in 1948 by Khema Mal.

2. Members of the band ‘Radiohead’ were so impressed by this book that they planned to name the album ‘Kid A’ after it. While touring, the band played unsponsored concerts and would ask the audience to buy this book. Which?

3. Who suggested the following alternative to the penalty shootout to the FIFA:
Count the number of times each goalkeeper touches the ball throughout the game. The team whose goalkeeper has touched the ball more often is the loser. The winner will then be the team that has had more attempts at scoring goals and is more aggressive (and therefore exciting) in their style of play.

4. According to X, this is how a real conversation went:
X: Listen, Josef. I think I have an idea for a play.
Josef: What kind?
(X told him as briefly as he could.)
Josef: Then write it.
X: But, I don’t know what to call these ___________. I could call them Labori, but that strikes me as a bit bookish.
Josef: Then call them ________.
Who is X and what word was coined?

5. It was introduced in 1968, mainly to rival the then popular brand named Matchbox by the British Company Lesney. Designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, the first one was a dark blue Custom Camaro. What?

6. The 35SQ Astron was unveiled in Tokyo on December 25, 1969. With a limited production of just 100 pieces, they sold at a price of 450000 yen ($1250), roughly the same price as a Toyota Corolla. Which company and what?

7. This advertising character/campaign was based on the ‘Social Learning Theory’ of Albert Bandura. It was created by the ad agency Lowe for an awareness program titled ‘Operation Lighthouse’ on behalf of its client, Population Services International. Which?


Blogger manas.nayak said...

1.Dera Sachha Sauda

Dhananjay!How do you acquire such amazing stuff and come up with wonderful questions?Kindly send me the answers.Guide me also.I wanna enhance my general awareness.I think I should benchmark your knowledge.

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Avneeth said...

1.Dera Sachha Sauda
2. Dead Children Playing
3. Edward de Bono
4. Robot
5. Die cast toys like Hot Wheelz
6. First quartz clock wristwatch
7. Balbir Pasha

9:11 AM  

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