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My Own Quiznet Quizzes: Band Name Origins

Originally posted on Quiznet in December 2002

1. (Starting off with a SITTER) John Entwistle once said: "XXX is a good name, isn't it? I made it up. Everybody says Keith Moon made it up, but he didn't. About four years ago I was really getting fed up with The Who.... And I was talking with a fellow who is the production manager for XXX now. I was talking to him down in a club in New York. And I said, 'Yeah, I'm thinking of leaving the group and forming my own group. I'm going to call the group XXX. And I'm going to have an LP cover with the Hindenburg going down in flames, and, you know, this whole business.' And two months later he was working for YYY and, they were looking for a name, and so he suggested XXX, and YYY liked it, and they came out with the same LP cover that I'd planned." Identify XXX.
Answer: Led Zeppelin
YYY was Jimmy Page. Another story is that Entwistle joked that the band would go down like a Lead Balloon.

2. Which band got its name from what the UFO's were called by the British and US fighter pilots during WWII?
Answer: Foo Fighters

3. They were originally called 'Earth', but there was a more popular band by the same name. They were on their way to practice, when they looked over at the local movie theatre and saw a movie called '_____ _______', directed by Boris Karloff. The members found it interesting that people would pay to get scared by a movie.
Answer: Black Sabbath

4. The band saw a poster advertise in the lead singer's room about the Inspiral Carpets playing at a club called '_____'. The band also learned that the Beatles had once played there. Hence, they chose that name.
Answer: Oasis

5. This band was named after the annoying gym coach of some band members, who enforced the 'Draconian' short hair policy at Robert Lee High School in Florida.
Answer: Lynyrd Skynyrd. The coach's name was Leonard Skinner. Alan Collins and Gary Rossington were often the target of his wrath. The band's original name was 'The One Percent'.

6. A popular myth is that the band got its name from a respelling of a Sinclair Lewis novel. But the group’s autobiography tells the story of how one of the members, when in school was sitting around with his girlfriend listening to a Harry Nilsson song, and he and his girlfriend thought of cool band names that had '____' in them. He thought up '________' and loved the name so much that he used to write it all over his school books. But the band he was with at the time didn’t want to use it. A much popular band later decided to use it.
Answer: Aerosmith
There are some other versions of the origin.
BTW, here is the entire funda from the group's autobio titled 'Walk This Way':
Joey Kramer was sitting with his GF listening to Harry Nilsson’s 'Aerial Ballet', and they thought of band names that had 'Aero' in them. He came up with 'Aerosmith' and would write it all over his school books. After he had joined Joe Perry and Steven’s band, they were sitting around and watching old 'Three Stooges' reruns and were trying to come up with a band name. Kramer remembered the word he used to write on his books. The band didn’t like it at first because they thought it was the title of the Sinclair Lewis novel 'Arrowsmith' they were forced to read in high school but Joey said, "No, no, A-E-R-O" and it stuck because they liked the connotation of power and the lift their music gave off.

7. The lead singer of this band was such a big fan of the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles that he took the band name from the vampire world in her book 'The Vampire Lestat'.
Answer: Savage Garden

8. Which band took its name from that of a vibrator in the William Burrough's novel "The Naked Lunch"?
Answer: Steely Dan

9. Which band reportedly named themselves after a pipe sculpture in Seattle's Sand Point that makes unearthly howling noises in the wind?
Answer: Soundgarden


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