Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NIT ( Silchar) - General Quiz

Here a few questions from the General Quiz I conducted at NIT-Silchar:

1. "I was waiting for my teammates to embrace me, and no one came...I told them, ‘Come hug me, or the referee isn’t going to allow it.’"
Whose words about what?

2. X along with Gustav Kirchhoff discovered the elements cesium and rubidium. In 1855, his assistant Peter Desaga perfected an earlier invention of Michael Faraday and named it after X. Identify the person.

3. The director wanted 'something unusual' for the promotional video of one of his films. He approached someone whose involvement in movie-world was till then restricted to just two films, the first of which was way back in the 1980s for a film titled 'Abdullah'. Yet, he was chosen because of his familiarity with Shakespeare's works. Identify the person and the movie.

4. In 2005, a former skating champion named Sanjeev Bhatnagar filed a PIL in the Supreme Court asking for the deletion of a particular word. The SC labeled it 'a publicity interest litigation', fined him Rs.10000 and dismissed the 'case'. It was also noted that the word represents the culture and not the province. What?

5. During the 1982 Ranji Trophy semi-final, Raghuram Bhat picked 8 wickets in the first innings, including a hat-trick. Later, batting at No.11, he scored 30 runs and helped put on a partnership of 91 runs for the last wicket. Staring down the barrel of an innings defeat, the opposition captain came in to bat at the uncharacteristic No.8 position and did something remarkable. Though his 66-ball unbeaten innings failed to save his team, the match is still remembered for his heroics.
Identify the batsman and what did he do?


Blogger buriedatsea said...

hi this refers to the last question.

I believe this match refers to Haryana vs Karnataka semi final. But nobody scored a century in that match and infact bhat picked up 7 and 8 wickets.

Can you pls get back with clarification? Either of us in wrong and I dont know who it is?

12:07 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

The opponents were not Haryana.

1:16 AM  
Blogger buriedatsea said...

1 Maradona about "Hand of the God" Goal

2 Bunsen.


4 Sindh

5 will be great if you can answer it

1:44 PM  
Blogger ash said...

sunil gavaskar(captain of bombay),batted 60 balls as a left handed batsman.
match was karnatka vs bombay 1981/82.
Karnataka won

11:43 PM  

nice blog
if time permits

do continue with more thrilling questions!

4:38 AM  
Blogger Rachit said...

where are the answers??

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gavaskar came to bat at no.7 and not no.8 position

12:09 PM  

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